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Hassan Disa Hussaini & Abdulmalik A. A.


In this paper, we study from an ethno-archaeological perspective of Bimin-Kudu settlement pattern. The study is concerned with the explanation of socio-political and economic structures among the other relevant structures that made Birni n-Kudu settlement pattern using the present structures to explain the past. Birnin-Kudu is an ancient settlement with both old and new settlements that has anethnographic parallel which indicates a linkage between the past and the present such as Palace, Mosque, Prison Yard, Market Square and Defensive wall among many structures. This paper is a result of an ethno-archaeological investigation of Birnin-Kudu settlement from the 2019 field work research carried out by research team from Department of Archaeology, ABU, Zaria. This paper therefore, highlights and interprets the structures related to socio-political an d economic activities among the people of Birnin-Kudu.