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General Information

The article must be distinguished in style and approach; Article must be topical, original from the author and free from mistakes or tautology; Article must be in English, Hausa, or Arabic; Article should not be less than 10 or more than 20 pages, must be written one sided, in Times New Roman or Traditional Arabic. The title page must contain the Title of the Article, Name(s), status and affiliation of the Author(s), Department/Unit, Postal address, Email address and phone number; Article citations and references should be in the latest MLA mode of indexing and references style; Corrected articles, abstract or full paper must be submitted in softcopy, electronically to the journal website.


Footnotes should be used without endnotes and, or, bibliography/references at the end of the article, as follows:


J. B. Webster, A. A. Boahen, and H.O. Idowu, The Growth of African Civilization; The Revolutionary Years, West Africa since 1800, (London: Longman, 1967), 3 – 4.
Subsequent citations: J. B. Webster, A. A. Boahen, and H.O. Idowu, The Growth of African Civilization, 5-7.

Chapters in Books

M. Crowder, ‘The 1914-1918 European War and West Africa’, in J. F. A. Ajayi and M. Crowder (eds.), History of West Africa Vol. II, (London, Longman, 1974), 484 and 491 – 492. Subsequent citations: M. Crowder, ‘The 1914-1918 European War’, 496.

Journal Article

A. M. Ashafa, ‘The Media and imperialist War in Colonial northern Nigeria: The Role of Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo in World War II, 1939-1945’, Kaduna Journal of Histoarical Studies, 1 (2009), 33. Subsequent citations: A. M. Ashafa, ‘The Media and Imperialist War in Colonial Northern Nigeria’, 37


G. Nadama, ‘The Rise and Collapse of a Hausa State: A Social and Political History of Zamfara’, (Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1977), 101. Subsequent citations: G. Nadama, ‘The Rise and Collapse of a Hausa State’, 117.

Seminar Papers

M.O.Fabunmi, ‘Aspect of Pre-Colonial Economy of Kebbi State, 1500-1900 AD’, (Post-graduate, Seminar, Department of History, University of Sokoto, 1987), 23.

Archival and Unpublished Materials

The identity of the document and location of each archive must be fully spelled out both where it is first cited and in the subsequent citations. Citation: National Archives Kaduna (NAK), SNP10, 5671/1913, Sokoto Province – Dange District Assessment Report, (page), P.4, by Capt. H.D. Foulkes, or, National Archives Kaduna (NAK), Sokprof, 272/1915, Sokoto Province – Argungu Division, Baiwa District – Assessment Report on, Prg. 18-19 and 25. Paragrph (prg.) instead of Pages (pp.) is more prepared, both in first and subsequent citation. Details of Archival document should always be provided.

Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Bureau (WJHCB), ECY/2/Vol.I, Acc/So/65/3071, the Sokoto Native Administration, Outstanding Accounts 


Group Interview

Amadu Isah (Dan duhuBaki) 80 years, or b. 1934; Abdullahi Chiso Kamba 78 years; Ummaru Ladan Tungar Noma; Muhammadu Sangu Kamba, 65 years; and Musa Dan Dare Kamba, 70 years, (Group oral interview at Kamba on 6th April, 2014).

Individual Interview

Alhaji Ladan Labbo Yabo, 85 years, Yabo, oral interview on 19th March, 2013, or; Alhaji Idi Dangaladima Argungu, 82 years, Argungu, oral interview on 14th April, 2013.