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Abutu Freeman Gabriel Adikwuoyi


An analytical and sound historical write up is founded on the quality and to a large extent quantity of information gathered by the researching Historian. In view of this, a historian goes the extra mile to gather available and necessary information for a chosen topic. It has however been discovered that Historians encounter many challenges in the pursuit of his or her academic endeavours which if not checked, may hamper or discourage future endeavours. This paper is aimed at divulging some of the major challenges (with particular reference to the 21st Century Nigerian Society) the historian faces in the course of his work. The tool for information gathering here was mainly the primary sources of data collection which include Oral interviews, Group Discussions and personal observations. However, relevant information was also gathered from books and journals to add support to the discussion. The findings of the work show that notwithstanding efforts of serious minded historians to beat these challenges (which includes: influence of western inadequate funding, civilization, religious influence and apathy for history as an academic discipline), by continuous cosset with Historical research. The study in the final analysis examines the fact that if nothing is done by government and the academic environment to check these trends, the study and writing of history in Nigeria will soon collapse.