The Contributions of Chief Dauda Fasanya Elegushi to the Development of Ikate-Land and Eti-Osa Areas of Lagos State (1885-1991)

Animashaun Bashir Olalekan & Sanni Habeeb Abiodun
(Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2018)

This paper examines the life and career of Chief Dauda Fasanya Elegushi, the 19th Elegushi of Ikate-land to the development of Ikate-land and Eti-Osa in the Eastern district of Lagos between 1948-1991.It examines his role in reasserting the status of the Elegushi as a member of the Idejo land owning class having been marginalised among other Idejo chiefs. Chief Dauda Fasanya had the singular distinction as the only representative ofEti-Osa in the old Western Region House of Chiefs between 1951and 1963 when the colony district of Lagos was under former Western Region of Nigeria.1 This paper also examines the geographical location of Ikate-land within Eti-Osa in the Eastern district of Lagos as well as the family background, early life and the career of Chief Dauda Fasanya as a member of the Western House of Chiefs, President of the customary court of Ajah and member of the Ikorodu Divisional Council. Our findings in the study shows that just like other members of the Idejo Chieftaincy who used their right to land to maintain their relevance, Chief Dauda Fasanya was able to use the Elegushi’s ancestral right to land to assert himself and play prominent roles in the politics of Eti-Osa using same to successfully redeem the heritage of the Elegushi family as land owners in the Eastern district of Lagos.