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Le Cinema Africain: Un Instrument Ideal Pour Revivre La Culture et L’enseignement Du Francais Langue Etrangere Au Nigeria

Ahmadu Makau
(Volume 2, Issue 1, July 2018)

This article observed African cinema as an ideal instrument to relive the African culture and learning of French as foreign language. Sembene’s vision was to produce films that were African aesthetically; he aimed at producing films that promoted freedom, social justice, and the restoration of pride and dignity to Africans cultures. After the success of his French language films, he wanted his films to be enjoyed by Africans the same way French and African elites loved his works and set out to indigenize his films. To achieve his vision for African Cinema, he tapped into the rich heritage of the African oral narratives handed down by the Griots. The paper recommends the need to use cinema as teaching materials to promote the African culture.