The Igede Agba New Yam Festival: A Reflection

Agbo, Mathew Oga & Charles Idigo
(Volume 2, Issue 1, July 2018)


Festivals are celebrations of important events in every society which bring together people from all walks of life. The Eurocentric view has dubbed African Culture as barbaric, backward, retrogressive and worth nothing to study. Nevertheless, various aspects of African culture manifested in form of African traditional festivals which are of great historical significance. In Igede land, the famous Igede Agba New Yam Festival is observed by the Igede people worldwide to mark the commencement of the new planting season (Yam) the king of all crops in Igede land. It is indeed marked as one of the most important social and cultural events. The Igede New Yam Festivals contained series of performances, entertainment among other events. Through this festival, the values and beliefs of the people are demonstrated; they give meaning to the social, political and economic life of the people celebrating it and the neighbouring towns benefited tremendously due to increase level of patronage in all spheres of life. They are vital mainsprings in the traditional education and the remix of the people’s culture. This paper discusses the social, entertainment and education variables inherent in the Igede Agba New Yam Festival. The paper also suggests possible ways the government can get involved in the celebration of the festival especially the entertainment aspect so as to attract the attention of global means of communication, education and economic empowerment. The multi-disciplinary approach of research methodology is adopted including the use of primary and secondary sources in the course of the research..

Keywords: Igede Agba, Culture, Entertainment, and Traditional Festival