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Ecological Factor in the Rise of Insurgency in North-East Nigeria

Ediba, Isaac Ogbogo
(Volume 2, Issue 1, July 2018)

Discourses on the upsurge and debilitating effect of insurgency in the north eastern part of Nigeria have received scholarly attention over the years. The dominant narratives seem to be tilted towards the religious paradigm which invariably explains the phenomenon as a backlash of the activities of certain religious fanatics over a period of time. This paper departs from this micro perspective, it fundamentally seeks to trace the origin of insurgency in the area as a by-product of the shrinking of the Lake Chad which accentuated the gradual disarticulation and destruction of the economic livelihood of the people, precipitating poverty. Other factors such as the absence of government presence in some of the areas and weak state institutions compounded this state of affair and propelled some religious figures to capitalize on the precarious condition of the pauperized masses while appealing to their existential grievances and attempting to establish governmental structures based on certain religious convictions. The paper posits that the strengthening of government institutions, improving local administration and the robust facilitation of development in its entire ramification is the panacea for the restoration of peace and order in the badly ravaged area. The paper adopts the conflict theory in its analysis.