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Rural – Urban Migration and the spread of HIV and AIDS Pandemic in Igede – Land

Agbo Mathew Oga
(Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2018)


The increasing rate of HIV/AIDS spread in Benue state is becoming alarming and disturbing. Benue state possessed many high risk settings and increasing behavioral attitudes that enhance the spread of the virus. This study evaluates the HIV and AIDS pandemic, Rural – Urban Migration in Igede – Land and its implication for HIV and AIDS spread and control. The finding shows that the high risk settings and the behavioral factors causing the disease still prevail, if not worsening by the day in the area. These include high level of poverty, soaring consumption of alcohol and sexual promiscuity, increasing number of widows, orphans and divorcees, and the fear of stigmatization .The adverse effects of the pandemic on the society include death, psychological depression and loss of manpower resulting from loss of time, expenditures on treatment, care giving, funerals and mourning . This research paper recommends, among host of other issues, that substantial investment in public education should be intensified through community and faith-based NGOs, and governmental bodies to reduce the scourge of the deadly pandemic.

Keywords: HIV, AIDS, Migration, Poverty and Stigmatization