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  • British Colonialism, Agricultural Production and Distribution in Bida Emirate, 1900-1960

    Salahu, Mohammed Lawal

  • Electricity Supply in Sokoto Metropolis: The Colonial Experience, 1930 – 1960 AD

    Attahiru Ahmad Sifawa

  • Colonialism and Islamic Book Culture in Northern Nigeria

    Nura Aliyu

  • An Assessment of Agricultural Programmes and Food Insecurity in Nigeria 1960 to 2016

    Yusuf, Izang Elijah

  • Historical Archaeology as an Indispensable Tool of Reconstructing The Past

    Murtala Marafa & M.O. Fabunmi

  • President Muhammadu Buhari and the Challenges of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, 2014-2018

    Tukur Abdulqadir, & Jibrin Hussain Abubakar

  • Cold War and Its Impact on Security Studies

    Ilyasu, Yakubu Ahmed

  • The Dynamics of the Abolition of Slave Trade and the Changing Nature of Yoruba Economy in the Nineteenth Century

    Boge, Faruq Idowu

  • NYSC’s Engagement in the Development of Abuja, 1982-2011

    Godwin Onuh Odeh

  • Rethinking the Challenges of Nation-Building in Nigeria

    Ochoga Edwin Ochoga & Shishi Zhema

  • The North-East in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects

    Musa Adamu Wunti

  • Towards Sustaining Democracy in Nigeria: The Rise and Decline of Peoples’ Democratic Party, 1999-2015

    Adedayo Emmanuel Afe

  • Urban Development and Environmental Degradation in and around Gombe Metropolis, 1960-2006

    Usman Isah Ya’u

  • Yoruba Muslims and the Practice of Sufism in Birnin Kebbi Metropolis, 1996 – 2015

    Mutahir Akanni A. & Aisha Abubakar Ka’oje

  • Rural – Urban Migration and the spread of HIV and AIDS Pandemic in Igede – Land

    Agbo Mathew Oga

  • Re-Occurrences of Religious Crisis in Northern Nigeria: A Way Forward

    Muhammad Kyari

These are the Articles

Theoretical Issues in Nation Building in Nigeria: The Relevance of Historical Consciousness Re-visited

Mohammed Kwaire